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The History of The Angry Beard Company™
The idea of the Angry Beard Company® was born when a lifelong daily shaving Marine veteran decided that he would grow a beard. Although apprehensive, the Angry Beards wife said he could grow a beard as long as it never smelled like a chili dog.
And the Angry Beard Company® was born.

Beards the world over, are traditionally shaggy, coarse, bristly and generally not well kept looking. The Angry Beards wife aka "The Queen", came up with the idea of creating artisan, small batch, beard care products that EVERY MAN, from the rugged mountain man, to the high-powered executive would be proud to use. Our beard oil and balm come in a variety of masculine scents that are pleasing to senses, and empowering to the mind. The Angry Beard is the perfect complement to the discriminating beard owner that virtually anyone can afford.
"Theres already one Angry Beard, Yours shouldnt have to be"
-The Angry Beard & The Queen
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  1. "Aspen is my favorite. I absolutely loved the scent of it. It has an earthy, musky smell to it. It lasts a good part of the day and left my beard soft."
    J.D Myers
    EMT - Texas
  2. "This company is the whole package. Excellent products, and owners who truly know the meaning of customer service."
    Eric P.
    Supervisor - Florida
  3. "Really love you guys products. You totally nailed it"
    Danny B.
    Framer - Oregon